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    " Never ask me , why I'm zoned out " - @wordsbykakul . Yes sometimes the reality sucks so much that we escape it and leave it all on time believing that one day It'll change .

    Don't judge me by saying that I'm coward to face it . No don't say that I'm weak or I won't be able to make way through it .

    But that reason is I don't want to . I want to escape it because I don't allow any sick mentality shit .

    And I allow my time to be utilized in my way , not affected by any other means . So even if you call me weak- headed . No problem .

    Because you my dear is going to change that statement one day .
    And I'll make sure that you believe that I'm only escaping it , not changing my way .

    And that my escapism is my way of preparation . What's yours ?
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