• porcupine 5w

    A Drifting Dream

    Drifting with the wind
    Alone on the sea
    Relaxed and a grin
    Where he is free

    Cutting through waves
    Where to he ponders
    Sailing for days
    Where to he wonders

    Suddenly the clouds
    Appeared like magic
    Lighting and thunder
    This could be tragic

    Crashing all around
    Hope not to go under
    Wishing for ground
    He shivers and stutters

    Water is seeping
    Into cracks now made
    He wishes he was sleeping
    And just in a dream state

    Throwing him about
    He loses his balance
    He falls and bangs his head
    Passes out after a last glance

    Soon his eyes fly open
    Sweating but he is okay
    In his own bedroom
    A dream from his mind at play