• jophin 6w

    Fairytale is nothing sweet��
    but a fake "forever after" story to appease a mind for an adventure outside reality. Do you agree?

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    Fairytale is nothing Sweet

    Fairytale is nothing sweet
    for a Princess lost in woods
    searching her paths hidden by shrubs
    covered with the misty fog condensed
    entangled by webs it spun everywhere
    frightened by the darkness that crept
    throughout the silent valley of death
    where every light turned shadows
    a living thing that one every fear
    she walked all her way pricked
    by the thorns that kissed
    her tender uncovered bare feet's
    that shivered like windy leaves
    hopes came by the shallows
    that left a country road ends
    a tired ride for a good prince charming
    who stood there dazzled to see
    a lost beautiful Princess dizzy
    with all her tears rolling freely
    he took his saddle to share
    for the beautiful Princess found there
    and left the woods for Castle
    to live their lives with gracile

    ©jophinkulangara 11Aug2019