• basicallybizarre 10w

    It happens only in movies

    I grew up hearing my parents love story, I remember my grandmother told me stories of how she met my grandfather and how they fell for each other, she was the one who told me that my parents also fell for each other since their college days and how my mommy proposed my dad the day my dad was 'bout to propose her. Imagine you're going to propose someone but you get surprised when they propose you instead.

    I was a big fan of Bollywood movies and even the movies always had topics that emphasised on love, as the greatest of all. Meanwhile, something disheartening happened, my ideal couple, the couple whom I always adored, that famous couple of our family and my neighborhood, my parents was on the edge of their love life. They said it was not clicking anymore and due to some reasons they were getting divorced.

    On the day of their divorce 01/04/2019 I was waiting for a miracle, maybe they'll say that they were making me April Fool. While they were signing the divorce papers all I was wishing for was their togetherness because I wanted to live with both of them. I was hoping that they should forget all their fights and remember of those days when they fell for each other but all they did was fall apart. It was not an happy ending, neither I was happy nor any of us but they showed how happy they were.
    Nothing happened like they show in the movies . They did not tore the divorce papers while signing it, they did not show how much they love each other , they did not fall in love again while fighting, they did not do anything that couples in the movies do.
    I was 15 and I took a firm decision of not marrying and also I decided not to fall for anyone because this is reality and not a movie. I asked my parents to fulfill my last wish, I didn't want to stay with anyone of them but both of them. I stayed in hostel where I did not have many friends also. In the vacations I came to meet my grandma and nanny but I used to hardly talk to my parents.

    But what is destined will happen. I was 23 when I went to Vancouver and I met someone who changed my perspective, she talked of how stability is important but humans are vulnerable and divorce is normal. She wasn't hurt, I was but you know everytime you don't need someone who went through what you are going through but someone who catches you before you fall or someone who saves you if you're already drowning before you met that someone. I fell for her and ting tong our Marriage's invitation card it was. While all the rituals were taking place one after the other all I was hoping was maybe this is the time when my parents will bump into each other, my mommy will fall in my dad's arms and fall for each other again, like they show in the movies. I literally had made those extra arrangements for their marriage also along with mine.Unfortunately, it happens only in movies.
    Thank you for reading.

    Just a tale.
    - sherryism