• chanamanimback 10w

    Ya feel better?

    Depressed is an understatement lil dally dilly your a silly Willy no pilly can help you get through any day.... Excuse you wtf you say?? Hell na and no way not on this day ... .she don't get to play with daddy be just Maddy Dylan and Patti I'm left saddi in the fog prayin to god of the daughter i made . Takes two to create Tammy's so fake what a mistake she has made .. poor me poor Mia will she ever sea the real . The feel of what she is doing and what's been done again I wake and see no sun no light outa sight no Mia Bella looking at daddy saying I love you or giving me a hug 4 years soon I'm labeled a thug I write helps the pain may even make it rain ... Wash the tears off my cheeks bring me a different relief .. seeing all these daddys with their little girl watching them hurts hard to do will I get my Mia what do I do can anyone tell me god I asked for your help please let me know give me a sign I'm missing her grow . Send something thru Tammy make her heart change her mind she has ruined my life caused all this pain . Nobody deserves this shit make it stop . I pray again for your guidance and truth you take care of me and give me my youth . I am getting older and seeing it all so real close I just ask for Mia the most she is all I want all I need . I hope she will always believe in me in what happened along the way days get darker still lost in my maze ..... I love you mia I love you so ... With that said it's all I know .

    Love your daddy and best friend don't forget about me like the rest of them .