• a_vagabond_soul 6w

    This sunset feels like a Brook of wine,and I'm sitting on the rooftop watching the memories come back to me from the sangria skyline.(@augustleaf) I still remember the day, when those freed birds were chirping and dancing flawlessly as if their wings know no boundaries. The truss of religion, the nexus of color, the estoppel of gender nothing was Samarth to tether their feathers. Sky was the deponent of their freedom and unity. Seeing them, gave pleasure and peace but left some unfixed quseres. What was their religion, who was their god?Sounds dumb but still they gifted me sleepless nights. Why were they so close, who was the pious of Alla and who was for god? Won't they be punished to fly together under the same clouds, what would be the fate, they would bow? Days passed but still I was clueless.
    Being a Hindu that Salim chisti's dargah always gave me the peace I searched for in this world. This time too it was that prophet who was able to give me the answers I was searching for.
    The soft smell of Joss stick, that tender touch of sacred peacocks feather, that silence and that bowed head, it wasn't just a place to worship but a place to meet yourself. I went their restless but was out with immense knowledge.
    What I gained was humanity and love.
    The birds overhead survives under the warmth of one energy. They fly without boundaries Bcz they haven't created any. Love is omnipresent , it is not bound to any religion, it's just the worship of the god we created. The day you will start seeing everyone with same sight, it would be the day when you will live a life those winged creatures enjoy.
    The wind chilling the surrounding broke the staircase of my memory but it was still raining inside me. When will we humans, get to live such a zeal?


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