• vaishavielayaraja 5w

    A Known Stranger..!!

    You passed by and I smiled looking at you..,
    You saw me and acted though as you hadn't..,that was something new..,
    I called out your name., hoping you would hear..,
    You picked up pace,not out of urgency but fear.,
    It took me a couple of seconds to realize what was happening..,
    i could see people speak..,but something was wrong with my hearing.,
    My stomach gave a churn of realization that you were avoiding me..,
    I should have let you pass..,i should have let you be..,
    Why did i smile?why did i have to take your name?
    The answers changed.., though the question was the same..,
    A couple of days ago..,when i smiled it was because of u..,
    Your name was a sweet picture on my breath that time had drew..,
    And with your actions..,you left me wondering..,
    I didn't know what to do..,
    Go on..,be a known stranger.,
    But I really feel even harsh words would have been kinder..!!