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    "I was supposed to take you directly to Singapore but this little detour wasn't my plan. Boss will surely be angry on me if I drag this any longer. So let's go", Ashok smirked at me and moved the boat away. "Watching you sold at an unbelievable price, boggled my mind completely. I literally had no idea that Asian chicks like you can earn so much money. Ha-ha! After boss is done with you, I will make proper use of that body of yours",he continued. I sat in a grave silence listening to all his talks. Not that I could just hit him on the head to get him silenced. But because I was having trouble in keeping myself in equilibrium, since I was drugged. Fortunately my consciousness remained as I saw Ashok driving us to the other side of the river. It's all my fault. I lost brother, my only friend because of my madness. Because of my inability to seek the real truth. It's only fair that a worthless lady like me gets to be betrayed. But not them. They didn't deserve it. My brother deserved to be happy with his wife and kid. My friend deserved happiness with his girlfriend. Thoughts like these crumbled my heart and soul. Please someone save them. Anyone! All I could do was pray for their safety. After some hours in the boat, we reached the land. Meena helped me out of the boat. "My guys will be here any minute now. And trust me darling, we will have loads of fun", Ashok made an attempt to brush my cheek but was stopped by Meena. "It's better if you leave her to me for the moment", Meena shot a wide smile at him. "Don't forget your place whore!", said Ashok with anger spilling from his face.

    Few seconds later, the sound of a chopper approaching us, filled my ears. "Just in time!", Ashok beamed in joy, as he looked at it. The chopper landed few metres away from us. I didn't look at it as my mind was filled in terrible thoughts. The thought of my life coming to an end trembled me in fear. The memories of my family and Sameer flashed before my eyes, that left me in tears. When all my hopes were about to crush, Out of nowhere, I felt arms around me, "ah! I thought I lost you",it said. My eyes widened, as I recognised the voice. "A-Aarav....... Aarav",I repeated his name again and again as I clutched my hands around him. "It's okay I am here now",Aarav brushed the back of my head to soothen me. "Aarav.......they ...Sameer Naren", I talked gibberish as I couldn't keep my composure. "Sameer is safe with me but I will do everything in my power to find out Naren", Aarav gave me some confidence. "Oh thank god! Thank you....thank you", I mumbled on his chest. He gave me a gentle squeeze. The warmth that I thought was lost to me forever was regained. The feeling of hope lightened my soul and heart. He wiped my tears and carried me in his arms in a bridal style. "Don't you dare mess with us Mr. Aarav a.k.a Martin Reiner",Ashok roared at Aarav. Aarav stopped in his tracks as Ashok continued, "Ha! Now that I know your true identity, when my boys will be here, which won't be long, I will let them have a taste of you and then we will all be..." "Meena, shut that annoying mouth of his",Aarav ordered Meena and simultaneously punches and kicks were heard that left Ashok screaming. Aarav turned towards Ashok and placed his foot on Ashok's cheek as Ashok was restrained perfectly by Meena. "Ohhhh! So it was your boy's bird that my men shot in the air. If I knew it beforehand, I could get some info about your so called boss. Such a waste! No worries. I still have his faithful dog", Aarav emitted an evil aura. "Curse you, cur...", Another kick to Ashok's stomach made him writhe in pain.

    "Take him to my private villa and you will find my guys there waiting for you. My chopper will take you there. Use any means necessary to get info. Don't hesitate. And you be careful too. I will visit tomorrow", Aarav instructed Meena and she got on the chopper with Ashok restrained. We stood and watched as the chopper took off. As soon as the chopper disappeared in the sky, a car came to pick us up. Aarav put me in the back seat gently and sat beside me. He made me sleep on his lap and ordered the driver to move. He corrected the clothes on me and put my hair behind my ears. Then he patted my head gently to allow me to sleep. I dozed off into a pleasant deep sleep with the rising hope in my heart.

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    Eternity and above

    (Chapter 27)