• shawn1998 9w


    As we live everyday motto
    Life for us is a hard pill to swallow
    Praying to see everyday til tomorrow
    Stuck feeling conflicted
    Skip my heart beat with no rhythm
    Til death do me part
    A dead man walking without a heart
    I need my fix to survive
    I need a gift to know the lie
    Living no end in sight
    Even the darkest night seem to bright
    Even the brightest light seem to shine
    Drink after drink wasted time
    Time wasted with no rewind
    Through struggle I cry
    Through reminisce I try
    I try to better myself after the bottle
    I want victory like I won the lotto
    Money is powerful than knowledge
    Lack of knowledge weakness the childish
    Too busy losing brain cell
    Every drug seem like I living in hell
    Every decisions hard to tell
    A mystery setting is easy to smell
    Humanity before the tomorrow
    Humility before the honor
    I stuck addicted
    Cause I loss what my life been missing
    Who am I a man waste my time at the bar
    A man whose life can't go that far
    I ripped my body right apart
    With confused smell of tart
    Lack of intelligent seeming less smart
    Sitting in a circle of stranger
    Feeling the paranoid make me feel like I endanger
    Wall down sidewalk make me feel like a long ranger
    On a journey for the next high
    No fear to cry,lie, or die
    Choice through the depression
    God final message
    Learn I should have hear the people telling me to listen
    Cause the hardcore truth is my addiction