• professorpenks 5w

    Phone Addiction

    I love to chat with my friends online
    The ones I've met and the ones I've never met
    My best friend and I have never seen to dine
    And the love of my life, I've not physically met

    I just prefer to download and watch the movie
    Do I have to go to the cinema to eat popcorn?
    I can always listen to the latest song in a jiffy
    How do u expect me to go out and buy porn?

    All I need, for all I care, is in my phone
    My friends, family and even business to sell
    Alaba Market on social media, we now run
    So We can price and haggle within the cell

    My phone is my basic necessity of life
    I can't breathe without it, it's my oxygen
    My voice and spectacle that keeps me alive
    I love it so much, it's my god, my origin

    And truly, I can't see beyond this
    Says the voice of an addict