• human_verse 23w

    There are things you can't get over
    A smile, an afternoon or a conversation over a cup of coffee
    You think it's not right and struggle to get it out of your system
    If only to suppress, until one day, it escapes and takes the form of a gargantuan yearning which knocks you down.

    There are things you can't get over,
    A book, a midnight whim or your high school celebrity crush
    You think it's unnatural,
    ‌Because the modern consciousness tells you that the key to happiness is to "move on"

    You don't have to do this
    You don't have to unlike or unlove something because a huge chunk of time separates you from it.
    Realise, your mind isn't designed like a 32 GB memory card,
    It's okay if his smile gets you haywire and you feel the same rush of emotion building up inside as you felt years ago,
    It's okay to feel ecstatic when you'll read Harry Potter at 80,
    It's okay to let the most beautiful moments of your life live with you.


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    Things you can't get over