• zoya_charmz 9w

    "Peace" is the word that has been erasing in a barbaric way full of nuisance. Yes, it's a guilty feeling within me and I can't take it any longer. The paradise I am looking for has never been existed or might have existed earlier I never know. I'm in a state of solitude indeed.

    Cacophonic voice of the crowd haunts me now everyday and as I can't hold myself, unwillingly start to pump faster and I instantly suffer breathlessness. Shivering out of fear and dull, fatigue I might look then but certainly I am nevertheless a fighter inside.

    I'm a plumpy organ made up of various muscles but the softness inside me is still breathing. The deep branches and lining balances the gravity of my inner soft corner which still lies in your bed of innocence. I crave for the beam of light and never the unreasonable darkness of sorrow in reality.

    I wanna live, smile, laugh till the end. I feel like the most enthralling journey of my life is at stake whenever I see the gloomy face after the end of days. I am a living creature though and I wanna share a bit of me. I can ease your violent impulses. I am thus a beautiful entity.

    // I am more of love, I am being myself all through my persisting journey.
    I'm within you~I am your heart~I'm undefined.
    ❛I AM❜ //