• swastikmohanty 21w

    Man and his Monsters

    Everytime he sleeps, he sees
    the monsters on his bed,
    crawling on to his consciousness
    strangulating his soul.

    Those scariest shadows of his self
    From which he has always tried to hide,
    Those half promises , lost relations
    and ghosts of his dead dreams.

    The stories of his failures echoes
    in the loud mourn of the monsters,
    As he watches pains of his past
    in the sockets of their glowing eyes.

    They haunt his heart with their gloomy faces
    show his worst nightmares coming true,
    And suffocate his sense of existence
    in grasp of anxiety and pessimism.

    Yet from the farthest corner of his heart
    comes little angels of hope,
    to restore belief on goodness of the world
    The monsters melt into darkness
    He sleeps to relive his lost dreams
    in hope of another day.