• droneking 10w


    Don't even try and compare with me I raised the bar to high

    Know my worth I'm not senseless I'm wreckless staying like a kite high

    I'm a fearless animal the deadliest kind of mammal

    From the heart of the streets jungle of a life and I'm top killer kinda animal

    One of a kind breed and I helped make 3 seeds each alike but different
    Top of the food chain

    see my mother brother and uncle in them they make my mind less insane

    Greatness in the making ain't no reaper he was just creeping

    The world in the palm of my hands cuz I'm giving her the finger the baby I'm keeping

    Spending all my time with this sexy broad called karma

    This heartless soul came crawling out of the pits of alaska

    walking through fire still giving the cold shoulder

    These chips on my shoulder feels lighter than some feathers

    Chicken head i pluck all your feathers

    Always seeing red in a instant but never seen yellow or clucked like a chicken

    My head is throwed off got a few screws loose there ain't
    no fixen

    So unique call me the eclipse cuz it's once in a lifetime kinda deal

    I don't mean to brag but I'm kinda of a big deal

    Head swollen with confidence walking in a room full
    of silence

    Ghost to some but always top dogg you'll never hear me cus G's move in silence

    Dont think about stepping to me and get laid out faster than a egg out the hen

    When I go I go hard in the paint and let blood flow from my pen

    Can't isn't in my vocabulary my heart is colder than a day in January

    Gassed up from a lead foot no hands on the wheel laughing

    Death doesn't scare me he works for me I'm the boss in the underworld

    My carnival of a mind I'll have you all turned around and lost in my world

    I get up before I get down Tina first then maybe mary

    If you ever cross me on the wrong side I'll really show my demons side that's scary