• quiet_girl 39w


    it all started one day,
    With just two strangers,
    when neither of them knew just what to say.
    They had only just met,
    And got along just fine,
    but trusting each other was making a huge bet.
    They sat there at the table,
    too shy to barely speak,
    But they had a connection ,
    so sensitive and deep.
    he sat there drawing,
    While she sat there in wonder,
    but noticed he was more lighting and she was more thunder.
    he was very different from most people,
    But nonetheless do was she,
    she wondered if their story had a sequel,
    And if there was how would the story be.
    he looked up for a moment ,
    and their eyes met.
    from being no nervous,
    she almost broke a sweat.
    then he said,
    "your eyes are beautiful"
    Her face turned bright red.
    She looked into his ,
    and saw something different,
    something special that is.
    That look they both shared that day,
    Was a look both had searched for,
    And hoped one another would stay.
    But a love like that never dies,
    Because they had a bond like none other,
    You can tell when they look at each other.. just look in their eyes.