• shubhamhiremath_123 10w


    I will hold you so tightly in my arms that it will break you .....I don’t know what I want, 
    Should I just snatch you , or should I just leave you, 
    Let there be more noise as I breathe, let the flames rise
    let there be more heat
    Let us meet again, let us burn even more

    It feels like our first meeting, whenever I meet you
    I am entangled in my desires, please untangle me, 
    I am like a knock, and your are like a closed door, please open up to me
    Oh helplessness, let me live and as I live.... let me live my dreams

    It is endless , It is untiring 
    This storm that fills every breath of mine 
    I don’t even know what has been burning, it is my fear, 
    the ignition of desires
    which causes it to burn even more
    I see flames lighting and burning out, causing smoke
    I see smoke all around me, engulfing......