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    Chukar is the national bird of Pakistan and the name is derived from Chakhoor in Urdu. In Indian mythology, the bird is said to be in love with the moon and to look at it constantly. This is the Chukar – also known as the Chukar Partr

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    Chakhoor and Moon

    At a very far distance,
    There is a shining orb,
    In between thousand stars.

    Orbiting around land,
    A land full of different kind of creatures,
    Birds, fishes, animals and humans.

    Distributing its moonshine equally,
    To some, it is just a bulb in the night,
    To some it is reason behind the tide.

    Some see his or her lover in its image,
    Some see the face of betrayal,
    Some just an object with lots of flows.

    But chakhoor truly loves it,
    Not because of its brightness,
    Not because of its beauty.

    It doesn’t care about the spots,
    It doesn’t care about the distance,
    It doesn’t take the moon as a lifeless object.

    It sees the pain of moon,
    Converting hot sun rays,
    Into pleasant moonshine.

    Loving its soul, its nature
    Loving it the way it is,
    Purest and Faithful form of love.