• karvileena 5w

    My feet are tied to the roots
    My fate, a long tied thread, belongs to the Moon
    My heart is scared to beat...it has lost its rhythm.
    And as I stand here staring at my fate...
    I wonder what will happen
    Once my soul ceases to exist,
    Every memory that I'll leave behind
    will vanish into ashes...
    All those whom I knew wouldn't even try to remember me
    Those whom I loved, I'll be simply that void that can't be filled
    But would they care to find those lost memories
    Would anyone care enough to fill that void?
    Just like the withered and fallen petals...
    I will be brushed off from this mortal world...
    and the only witness will be the Moon
    And I wonder,
    What fate the Moon will bring,
    To the ones left behind...