• neueremita 36w

    A letter from a broken hearted boy to his grandfather in the heavens.

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    Silent whispers of the night

    In the cold chill of a silent night
    I see the moon dancing with the stars
    among their elegance I spot my thoughts
    and the joyous moment takes a turn

    For in the memories that now linger in the sky
    I see a face that shatters my disguise
    of the boy pretending to be a man
    though the night sky illuminated by this image
    I feel a long forgotten darkness embrace me

    and my already apparent loneliness turns to solitude
    with the embrace drawing me back
    to a moment I have long since repressed
    Of a hero who lay slain and a young boy left in pain

    Many a time I would find comfort in my imagination
    But this instance seems to be the inauguration
    Of my acceptance of my overwhelming weakness

    A state that you made me forget
    A concept you made me accept
    And the only thing I find I regret
    Is the fact that I did not repeat

    That my superman was real
    As you always made me feel
    That I never had to conceal
    Who I am even though it did not appeal
    To anyone else but me

    I ask you now who can I turn to
    Who will tell me what not to do
    who will whisper that I should try something new
    and this I ask as I stare at you
    Cold and limber unable to pursue
    a proper rant that at my age seems overdue

    My Tears drown me as the darkness recedes
    I see your face once more with a smile that precedes
    every comforting moment in my childhood years
    As I still hear the silent whispers
    echoed by your elderly eyes

    That told me that the morning is a gift
    The afternoon a debut
    Of the evenings proceedings
    As magic lingers in every moment
    If you allow yourself to listen
    To the Silent Whispers of the night.