• dusty_thoughts 5w


    Shimmering souls stretching in vast firmament,
    Smiling, singing serenade, dim or luminescent.
    Startling majesty of glistening in dark atire,
    Studded in sky with radiance of sapphire,
    A woody black jungle with traces of fire.

    Lighting with immense charm and beauty,
    Keeping silent vigil on world, a humble duty
    Like reasons pervading in multitude,
    Glints of persistent fortitude.

    Dreams for some, confidants for few,
    Adorning the night sky, scintillating dew.
    Symbolising aspirations of million minds,
    A story abstruse yet personal, one finds.

    In the book of sky these letters gleam,
    Like a wondrous flow of dazzling stream.
    Sequestering the arcane mystery of universe,
    A work of 'Kundan' in Gossamer interspersed.