• queendiva 10w

    Life without a voice

    Have you ever lived without a voice is
    it because the society shuts you down
    Did they tell you it wasn't right
    To stand for what you believe in
    Did they silently push you
    Into a corner were you have to pick
    Or perhaps you were silenced
    By the ones that say they love you
    But want you to change who you are
    Wanting you to be how they thought They try to fix your actions and choice
    So now the question being asked is
    Who am I in this world
    That wants me to change myself
    They want me to choose if I
    Would like to fit in or stand out
    So I silently have to choose fitting in
    Because if I stand out I'm picked on
    So I've been silently pushed in a corner
    We're I had to loss the part of me
    I knew before becoming the way
    Society wanted me to be
    My voice was taken away silently
    Now they're is nothing I can say