• brokenlesbian 9w


    Love for me is a twisted sentiment. For all I've seen is toxic love. For all I have been shown is toxic.
    I've been shown love with conditions all my life.
    I've been shown love that was good for them at a time that was good for them. Then when they didn't need it or got bored, they leave.
    But with you it was different
    You didn't love me with conditions
    You didn't love me whenever it was convenient for you
    You loved me....period.
    Because of you my look on love has changed entirely
    Even though you left, you changed my life. You changed how I saw myself, how I saw love, and new relationships
    You pushed me to do what I loved
    You were the best thing that ever happened to me. Even though we don't talk much anymore....we aren't together....maybe I'll get enough courage to send this to you one day....
    But thank you