• sylvia_aurora 5w

    #lifeisunfair #lifeisharder #bestronger #dontgiveup #mystory #mycreation #mirakee. Life hits hard but together we shall hit it harder ����

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    Life hits u hard

    The famous law of physics "every action has a equal but opposite reaction" ,
    Is defied by us humans in a larger fraction,
    Life is unfair and it hits u hard ,
    And u just give up your guard?
    Why dont u follow this one simple rule,
    Give tit for tat  u fool!
    If life is testing your depths ,
    Give it a reason for their tricks to drown,
    U can lose and lose again yet  dont get down,
    Yes! Life hits harder , harder if you can overcome,
    Till the point u want to die and crumb and you are done
    But stand up another time , just one another with harbour,
    Life hits you hard but u shall hit it harder .