• composetoexpress 6w

    Looking back

    We still smile
    and we still cry.
    But back then
    when we were little ,
    we never had to try.

    Our eyes sparkled
    Telling what we love.
    We were sure of getting
    more than what we deserve.

    We could play ,
    we could dance.
    We managed to be happy
    without missing a chance.

    We could share it all
    Our thoughts and things too.
    Childhood was such a bliss
    we had no clue.

    Life was all about finding new toys.
    Painting new dreams.
    and playing with clay.
    Some curfews but we made our way.

    Life today feels so empty.
    Adulting feels like a crime
    Wish I could revisit those days.
    Only.. if we could travel back in time.