• nilainks 5w

    #english #stardust #eyes #findingher #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

    How I met her...

    Stars always left me in awe
    Taught me to dream
    The twinkle from light years away
    That was a loved one for some,
    Mass of gas for another
    A companion on lonely nights or
    A key to the secrets of the universe.
    Orion's belt and big dipper ended up on my board more often than not
    Then I one new year's eve,I was dragged away from searching the black carpet for constellations to amidst my friends.
    It was there that I saw her,the girl with a twinkle in her smile and galaxies in eyes.
    She lit up the room that night and in the years to come, my life.
    She gifted me with two star children,of the same strand of stardust universe made us with.

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