• kennedybrooke 5w

    The village 1.

    The whole village just stares at Allen. They whisper and point. Allen was so disappointed in himself, he wishes he never stole from Dr. Randal. Dr. Randal was the only person that could help cure his mother's illness. His mother, Miss. Little, was sick and a poor widowed mother. She couldn't work most days and put food on the table, due to her illness. Allen worked for his mother, he planted seeds and collected food all over the village. Allen knew there was no possible way he could reach the amount of money for the medicine his mother needed. So, after a hard day of work Allen rushed to Dr. Randal's house. He hid behind the dead Bush and peeked into the window to see if there was anybody inside. Since there was nobody inside, Allen went through the back door. He rushed looking for the medicine, but couldn't find it. After 10 minutes, he found the medicine, grabbed it, and took off. He went out the wrong door and was caught by Dr. Randal. Allen knew there was no lying out of this, so he explained why he did this. The doctor let him off with a warning ⚠. 2 weeks later, the word got around to the whole village, except Miss. Little. Allen couldnt even do his work without a crowd of people watching him. So he decided to write letters and apologize to every house in the village. The letters read out, "This is Allen Little, I am really sorry about stealing from Dr. Randal. To make it up to the village I will spend 15 minutes each day at every house in the village. I will do whatever you would like. Whether it be chores, babysitting, etc. Please except this apology. Thank you for your time." Days went on and Allen barely ate and slept. Many people accepted Allen's apology yet some people didn't. After 5 days Allen's mother was suspicious about where Allen spent most of his day at. She started feeling better so she went to find out. She went to ask Dr. Randal, however he was barely home. So she went to her sister's house. Her sister explained everything and Miss. Little was mad but happy at the same time. She was mad, because she thought she taught her son better, but happy, because he did it for her. Miss. Little's sister was the richest in the village. The villagers called her, Janet Hill and the children called her, Ms.Hill. Janet offered Miss. Little money for the medicine 7 times. However, every time Miss. Little declined. Janet told Miss.Little to wait a minute as she puts something in a bag. She was told to open it at home, as so she did. Inside thr bag was her medicine and $2000. Miss. Little screamed as Allen came through the door. Allen was so scared he didnt know what happened so he ran to her and asked what was wrong. She replied,"Nothing, you can quit your job and thank you." He was confused and looked in the bag. He screamed. The food at the village was only 50cents. They had more than enough cash. Allen quit his job the next morning and finished his last day of the apology work. Miss. Little started working as a cook the following week. They got much money and lived happily ever after.