• khushiiiii 33w

    Hey nice guy

    Hey nice guy, I hope you are reading this, or whoever is reading this, please share it to a nice guy.
    This is an open apology letter to all the nice guys out there. Yes, I am sorry. Sorry that you had to go through abusive words when you were actually following the girl so the people behind you won’t misbehave with her and she slapped you in return. Sorry that you had to look like a desperate when you offered your bus seat to her. Sorry that you had to hear abuses from the public because you were staring her because she reminded you of your sister. Sorry that you had to go through all of this because a handful of bastards. You brave person, have indeed done a great thing in order to prove the gender is not faulty, the people are. Thank you for being that nice guy. Thank you for helping her get into the train grabbing her hand, Thank you for following her till her house, Thank you for offering the pregnant lady your seat, Thank you for being a nice guy.
    I know this world must have been a really cruel place for you to survive, especially when so many rape and assault cases are headlining in the newspapers. But you did not leave your goodness, you put your self respect on stake for the women. Don’t ever stop being that nice guy, maybe one day the world will understand how good guys can be.