• tathagatthakur22 24w


    You're never alone till you've a mirror.
    While I look in the mirror, I see a defeated clone.
    Not composed but with millions of faults and error.
    Rather I would prefer to subside alone.
    I don't understand why he resembles me?
    What could be the worse reason that he has to replicate me?
    Neither I've a blunt vocal nor a descent chuckle.
    I don't like myself but he does.
    My feeble voice is infrasonic to his ears.
    Not sure if he's enlightened with my agonies and tears.
    However to keep me delighted, he replicates all my piffle and bosh shakes.
    Though he weeps along with me , we don't say sussshhhh!!! To each other.
    When I make an eye contact with that jest,
    The heartbeat goes numb , while my blinks are at rest.
    Like each coin has two faces of faith,
    His eyes speak both gleems and miseries.
    I hate when I see my jest weeping and beseech,
    Even if the mirror shatters , I believe he's far beyond my reach.
    No matter how far away he's , either far or near.
    Don't say you're alone until you've thy mirror.