• victorhie 5w


    She laid helplessly in bed, drowning in the thoughts of her horrible life; the neglect, the humiliation, the betrayal, the pain, the hurt, all the terrible experiences that kept playing in circles.

    She was living by her scars and stigma, enclosed in the thick walls she had built, filled with anger, bitterness, and hate.

    She felt life had no meaning, for she was alone, with nothing to hold on to. She had soaked her pillow with tears, but then she said. "I've had enough."

    She was done mourning her old life, she wanted moving on, to start all over.

    And then she got up from her depressed state, washed her pale face, and stepped out for a long walk.

    She was getting her life back, she was walking away from all of her problems, she was forgetting it all.