• wasil_ahammed 5w

    We all love traveling...its make us calm, peaceful and disciplined. More over it teaches us about life from different perspectives.
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    Lets Travel

    Started late as usual
    ran along the coaches
    pushed through the people
    For a place to settle down.

    But the way seem crowded
    With people much busier
    Who sorted things earlier
    And settled in peace.

    Ended up sacrificing
    On the beautiful doorsteps
    With backpacks aswell
    Lying on our shoulders.

    then things got exciting
    By the man in front.
    Throttling the engine too fast
    Making rhythm to this dance

    Sun kept rising,
    Behind the distant fog
    And the light kept falling
    On water under the paddy

    But we rushed forward
    Ignoring this little beauty
    Recalling a much better one
    Lying on our way.

    Thus began the journey,
    of some beautiful souls.
    Seeking unknown lands and adventures
    To shape their life, to a whole new way.