• ohsillyme 30w

    That evening the weather was amazing. It had rained all day and finally it has stopped in the evening. And we all know about the change in climate after rains very well and we love it, don't we?she was on her roof and loving it too. Lovely breeze was blowing. There was a serenity in the atmosphere and that heavenly smell of rain was still there making her content and passionate simultaneously. She was enjoying herself her solace while pouring heart out in her diary. Where it was the most pleasureable weather to her at the same time it has became the weather that saddens her too after him as whenever it rains some memories of her past come running to her and hit her hard sometimes wantedly sometimes unwantedly. Some cherishable, some regrettable, and some hurtful which makes her eyes rain too. Lost in her thoughts while feeling the long spread despondency in the air she wrote " I think being in love with someone who has stopped loving you or has fallen out of love with you, wait! What do they call it? yeah one sided love is no less then committing a crime, a terrible crime for which you get a punishment of lifetime. Punishment for not getting over them and loving them deeply even when they're long gone. Punishment of feeling a void in your heart or as if some of it's broken piece is constantly pricking in your chest. Punishment of having your heart and mind always on war for moving on and staying where they left us. Punishment of losing our inner peace and always thinking what we lack that they left. Punishment of running away from everyone who approaches us and show some interest because of the fear of getting hurt again. Punishment of seeing them in all the beautiful things and wishing for them to be here. Punishment of looking for them in everyone we meet and realizing that no one is them. Punishment of feeling empty all the time. Punishment of carrying a fake smile all day and pretending that you're fine while you're dying inside. Punishment of the pain that comes with those memories. Punishment of losing ourself in order to gain someone else and worst of all, punishment of not being able to love again anyone the same way, with the same depth and with that same heart which is already broken and in every piece resides them. No matter how good they are, how much they loves us, how much they cares for us, how much they pampers us, how much they shows that they really wants us, we just can't reciprocate their affection. And this punishment continues till the day our heart stops beating." She rested there, took a deep breath and closed her diary and eyes as well. Few minutes later she heard a voice coming from behind her, "I knew you would be here" it was a familiar voice. It was her fiance. He came and kissed her forehead and said " You know since morning I was thinking about you, I know you love this weather and I wanted to take you out for a ride and spend all day with you but there was too much work at office today and our bosses don't understand our romentic desires." It's okay she replied. Work is important and it should be your priority always. Her fiance continued, " You know I left office late today but wasn't able to go home, I was missing you so much and couldn't overcome my urge to see you that I came here straight. I wanted to listen to your voice badly, in fact I wanted to listen to you singing. You know I love your voice, it's so sweet so melodious I can listen to it for hours." Oh please stop. You always over praise it, It isn't that good just okay. "To me it's wonderful okay and could you please fulfil my desire now? Could you please sing for me? Please don't say no I really want to listen to you singing" Okay! Okay! Since the weather is so good I will sing and seconds later she started singing her most favorite love song full of romentic and deep lines for beloved. She sang it for her fiance but deep down secretly dedicated it again to him.
    © NoreenHayat