• theyoungpoet 10w

    Consistency is my love language
    I want something beautiful
    Something special
    Something mine
    Something I don’t need to fight for
    See I’m simple person
    Just need you to be consistently for me
    I want to not be able to feel my face
    I wanna get lost in a lustful feeling
    I want you to take me to higher heights
    See you have my attention
    And over time you held a spot
    Your the one I think about
    And it makes me lose my mind cause it wasn’t supposed be you
    I feel you don’t care about me
    So why should my mind be on you
    But then I feel for me there’s more to experience
    More to feel
    More to learn
    Maybe your not the one
    But I’m gonna be stronger
    See I have faith in my future
    Love of self makes you stronger
    More wiser