• srinjay 5w

    When Your Motherland Comes First

    As the merciless bullet pierced his heart,
    The soldier looked above and smiled.
    He was certain his nation was safe,
    As he slept thinking about his child.

    Whom he had last spoken to,
    Before marching onto the battlefield.
    Maybe one more hug was all he wanted,
    But he had to be his country's shield.

    Flowing from his mother's eyes,
    Were tears of pride and sorrow.
    His father unable to accept the truth,
    Was left shocked and feeling hollow.

    As they stood in front of their resting son,
    With a lump in their throat.
    When a fellow officer handed them,
    Their son's left behind note.

    "You may think I am gone,
    But you must not feel blue,
    As present in each of your smiles,
    I always am there with you. "

    These words echoed his presence,
    As light gleamed on his medals.
    The entire nation saluted with pride,
    While the soldier slept showing his mettle.

    It takes unimaginable strength to smile,
    But it also instills a sense of pride.
    When your loved one serves the country,
    Without caring if he lived or died.