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    Time flew again (woah ....time got wings ����) Harl moved to Aziz's apartment. Both of them were settled, Aziz has got a very good job and Harl started teaching as a teacher. Harl was remembering the last few weeks as the best weeks of her life and was praising her decision about Aziz.
    Harl was setting on her bed and was ready to lay down and fall a sleep. But at the moment Aziz called for her and said "Love, don't uhh try to skip it (eye cleaning) come fast ....i am waiting " Harl was tired but she knows its important so she gets up and sat on the chair nearby Aziz. Aziz took off her blindfold and took a cotton soaked in some medical syrup and starts cleaning the skin of her eyes. Harl was more like sleeping while letting her eye skin clean and it was a big thing because she still remembers that when the nurse use to clean it ,its hurts her a lot and there were many differences between Aziz as compared to the nurse. Like nurse never like to clean them, she do that for money not knowing what she is doing. She even makes weird and death taking expressions and weird voices and thinks that i won't know *she thinks* "i am blind not deaf" but Aziz never thought it as a burden or as a formality. He never makes such kind of facial expressions and i know it because he usually cracks jokes while cleaning them.
    I also remembers the night i told him everything.
    It was the time when both of them have finished their dinner and were having a good conversation and all a sudden Aziz asked "Love, i always wonders that what happened with uhh in those 2 weeks (those weeks in which she was losted) ? We have been really good friends from a long time....so if uhh feel to tell then tell" *this question made Harl's expressions go from sleepy to a disappointed or we can say 'AN EXPRESSION THAT DONATES A FEELING OF NOT TO TELL' but she thought of him as his everything and to tell him everything. She took a deep breath and started " as uhh know about my ex-boyfriend, he usually takes me to picnics and for that i have to miss my classes but one day he took me to an illegal hospital telling me that he need some check ups and after that we will visit the park. After travelling for a long time we reached there at the hospital. We starts walking in the hospital and everything there was dark ,he was acting just like 'me' as he was also confused about the surroundings which made me felt as not a left out and made me not to have a suspicious thought. And all a sudden he smashed his hand with a handkerchief on my nose which fainted me. And the next moment i woke up ,i was on an uncomfortable bed type something and he (ex-boyfriend) was counting dollars and that scenery made my heart bleed and the second thing i saw was a doctor with a syringe who also noticed me out of the unconsciousness so he was about to send me back in those deadliest dreams again but i can't do anything because at that time i can't even move my fingers because of being unconscious. And the last thing i saw before turning to a blind girl was the most death taking thing ever. It ware the tubes in which my eyes would have kept and i know that because there was labeling "EYES" . And then i moved to a black world from that instance. After like one or maybe two days i was able to feel myself alive and was even able to move but more like a zombie because it was still a little dizzy and also i have lost my eyes. And i was broken that time i don't even want to live but i wasn't sure about my thoughts and suddenly i heard some people talking about me " hey, we should kill that girl and sell her other parts too" and that dialogue made my body shrill as i don't want to feel the pain again so i decided to run. I stands on my vibrating ,keen legs and starts walking by the help of walls and and corners. I thought i was able to get rid of them but i heard many horrible screams which were following me and those sounds made me run wild and i even interacted with many injuries but that time i was just thinking about getting rid of them. And i succeeded but not completely because i got out from the room but ended up to know that i was moved to a boat from that hospital and i was in the middle of an ocean but that time i can't run away from them so i swam my way away from them, yes i dived into the ocean with a will of getting saved and i did got saved by some villagers who treated me and sends me safely to my hometown but after that incident i have banned love in my life but ur love is different . Ur love felt as flower petals on my eyes instead of a blindfold " "ahh!! I do know that ur past was a misery but i don't have any idea of that horrible situations. But as uhh said my love will always be as those flower petals on ur eyes " Aziz confirmed her and looked down to her face for a reply but her gesture made him smile *because Harl fell a sleep in a very childish manner* *she was sitting on Aziz's laps and her head was on his chest along with her hands under her face which was pouting while mumbling those last words "yea....flower petals ....as flower petals on my eyes". He lifted her and landed on the bed making her feel comfortable by covering her with the blanket. The whole night Aziz can't stop thinking about the incident happened with Harl. "She doesn't deserve that all" he said while Harl interrupted " don't worry that much , its my past not present and i know my future will be much more brighter" and her words gives Aziz a relief.
    "But nowadays he is more busy in his job and he is not same as before. Ahmmm....maybe i am just over thinking the things " she left the matter with those words.
    ..........to be continued

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