• adsila03 24w

    My thinking became dark
    so I took my tools out to start
    but once I put that tool to my skin
    He tried calling my phone again
    and I didn't want to hang up
    one last time to see
    What he would say
    It may be able to change my mind
    So I put it down and picked my phone up when I accepted it he said "hi"
    but that wasn't all
    I didn't expect what was next
    he said I loved you but
    that wasn't all he said "I wish
    I talked to you more and I know
    what you've been through, I sat on the sidelines watching your back
    I'm sorry about your life and
    I've seen you quiet these days
    I know what that leads to
    please don't do it
    cuz if you do I'll miss you"
    I started to cry and
    he asked what that was,
    what that sound was but
    I couldn't answer instead
    I just Weeped so here I am
    now with my crush on the phone
    and a blade in my hands
    what should I choose
    which way should I go
    I didn't know someone cared but
    now I know
    maybe it won't be bad and
    I'll be with him but I don't know
    what's going to happen next but
    that's life isn't it