• maryanjunet 6w


    Would you be so kind as to tell me which way is to Somewhere?

    Oh no, no! I know not where for I've come from Nowhere - where it is dark and empty, a place unkown to none but me.

    Yes, probably over the hills and feilds from Elsewhere where I heard the distant sounds of drums and merriment echo through the mist that shrouds my origins.

    It is certainly not Anywhere, dear Lord, no! I have heard of scattered whispers that it spans to lengths unmeasurable!

    My weary feet would tire out if I walked through the paths that lead towards Everywhere

    I need to go where I know an end awaits me. Somewhere. Yes, Somewhere where weary drifters as I am seek refuge. A place that I know will put the end to the means I have done.

    Somewhere... Would you be so kind as to guide this lost soul as to where she he can get to Somewhere?