• khushi30 6w

    Note to self

    Don't worry girl. I know what you want may not want to be yours but this doesn't mean you don't deserve that, it simply means you deserve much better. Some people will never see the depth in the things, you do, even if it means the world to you. It doesn't mean that you are not doing sufficient things, it just means that whatever you will do, it will not be enough for them. You know there are so many people dying to be with you and now you have to make efforts for those who care, and not the ones who make a fool of you and lie is what they will always speak. They will never mean what they say . Never interpret that they care as much you do because you are more of a human, and you care more girl. Your parents are there for you, you need no one else. You have so much to do in your life. Then why are you running behind things which are not even yours? Please focus on yourself, your instrument, your artwork and your study. Nobody knows your hard passion for these things, don't make it less by the things which are not meant to be yours. Love you girl. I am there for you forever .