• chaeng 6w

    I love you to the moon and back
    Yet, those words you spoke felt empty
    It felt like something was wrong between us
    Something keeping you from saying that
    Or am I doubting too much
    Or is it there's another
    Tell me my love, I won't get mad
    Just be honest and everything will be alright
    Just tell me the truth and I'm ready to set ye free
    It's been a long journey since you've kept that secret
    I was so astonished by myself
    Because I handled the pain without you knowing
    Knowing that I already found out your deepest shame
    It was underrated I must say
    It was nothing.
    Because from the very first day of our fling
    I've already know those eyes are longing for someone else

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    you're my moon and I'm your shadow
    together we were beautiful