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    Theme & pic credits : Gurleen
    (@theconfused_artist_ #insta)

    *All rights reserved to her.

    Frozen by death!

    She was once an empty sky,
    dull & calm like the greyish white.
    All alone, away from the cloud9
    of happiness and cheer.

    One day she met the sea,
    so beautiful & blue like the
    whales beneath. Mesmerised by
    the beauty of the sea.

    She swam into its depth,
    and rose like a  mermaid of cheer,
    wearing the gorgeous jewels of sea,
    She made it well.

    Her gown changed blue and
    dreams bloom. Everything was ready
    to start and sail.

    But all on a sudden, the dreadful rays
    of the ultimate beast, peierced into her
    heart, nailed through her soul,
    And it's claws plunged into her face.

    Dispersing all the blue into the blues of red,
    scattering her soul into the vicious air,
    Deeply freezing each of her layers
    into the eternal bleed of death.


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    Frozen by death!

    Pic credits : Gurleen
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