• rey_iyer 45w

    inspired by a documentary film - the black and white and sex. everyone should watch this. there's no such thing called well drafted screenplay in the movie but sure to arose all your senses at the same time. #blackandwhiteandsex

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    everyone has opinion about sex.
    everyone is lured by the activity.
    women are bound by morals
    while men are bound by limits.
    RGV says restrictions were made just to
    control a woman of her sexuality
    and it was all a sham.
    he implies that a true woman empowerment lies
    in sex.
    well, I would like to disagree to agree here.
    if sex is one (only) way to make him understand
    her extent of taking risks for him,
    her ability to give delights for him,
    her key factor as often mentioned in economic theories,
    then sex should be limited.
    if you believe sex was introduced by God (or Goddess, does it matter?) and not Satan,
    then cherish and preserve it for a holy relationship
    and don't give away yourself,
    sell yourself, for a better pay that's not just money or fame,
    but love - that lasts a lifetime.