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    Ugh.. level of stupidity�� I am gud at titles but suck at penning
    My temps always get a repost or Editor's Choice xd

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    Wall Crafts of a Wallflower

    Silent corners enwreathed with verdant musings around
    Where was sitting bystander named 'wallflower'

    Sound of his breaths filling vacancy of corners
    He hung heaps of soothing thoughts in walls of anxiety
    He blew bubbles of metaphors in air of tranquility
    Blooming hues of solitude splashed on frames of chaos
    Forgotten grieves dripped down walls of gaiety
    Dullness of gaudy noises was stitched by real shining stars

    When folks called him decent, little did they know,
    He wasn't a flower to wilt chafed in tumults
    But, was drunk and high in his own world.