• zedie__ 5w

    Far off

    Another day in my life
    Another journey flying by
    I was tangled in my thoughts
    Pop Music playing in my ears
    People are orchestrated to my eyes
    a harmless men's daily life

    Then the gravitation came from side
    What else could turn boy head around
    Golden shine glowing under girly eyes
    She is Dancing here and there
    Like a peacock sense the rain
    Where I sensed my destiny.

    Why should the iron vault guard the diamond
    When it knows she belongs to someone
    I know envy is a sin
    But you can't blame me here
    Is she the model for an angel
    Or just that God is cruel?

    how could you call both as human
    The two end unit maybe placed in same scale
    But One is bigger than the other
    Where I end , you begin
    There is whole world in between
    From zero to infinity