• writershots 22w


    Why do we love falling stars?
    Sometimes we read about their occurrence and then wait for the millennium moment when we will be able to witness this gigantic event in our lives and that too probably for the first and last time. What is so special about them?

    We go to the outskirts of the city and away from the demented stories. We fall back into the green grass just to gaze at the night sky with millions of stars spread across like scattered sugar. And we count them as far as we could and secretly pray if we could witness a falling star.

    We humans love broken things I guess. This is like, the one broken toy in our childhood which we had and never wanted to let go off and we fought with our mother once we came to know that she had thrown it away. As we grew up, those toys were replaced by people.

    We will attach ourselves with those who are broken even if we don't want to. We will fall in love with people who are no good for us.

    Is it pity? No, I don't think so.

    It's just that we are so afraid now of being broken or disheartened that we will connect with people who already are. It's like empathy. We try to analyze ourselves in the situation of others. Who said the entire world is turning selfish?

    Like every day needs a night, every sun needs a moon, every mother needs a child, every lover needs a life. Similarly, every broken person needs a guide. The entire world is running on this.

    So no matter what, you will keep falling in love with falling stars so you could keep yourself away from being broken or empty. Also, there is something else which is much better than falling and that's flying. Share a hand and you will see how far and high you can go taking others along on a journey called 'life.'