• beingsujita 23w

    It's been 3days, a girl of 9th grade was attacked with acid in her school uniform, because she simply rejected a proposal!!!
    Let's make this society a place where a girl can feel strong, and a boy can feel free to express!

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    You're a boy and you're strong.
    You're a boy and you have to get everything you want.
    You're a boy, you cannot cry!
    Crying is for a weak gender!
    Now you're a man, you should never get rejected.
    You're a man, you can throw acid if rejected.
    You're a man and you're superior!
    You're a man right?
    And you're not taking dowry for marrying a girl?
    You're a man, you can burn your wife if not satisfied.
    You're a man, and marrying just gave you the right to fuck your wife regardless her consent!
    You're a man, and marital rape is not a crime!
    You're a man, you're the decision maker!
    What is a "MAN"?
    Are you even a "MAN"?