• hulimaavinamara3 10w

    The boy who got attention

    College firstday new place,new college, time clicking,bus already gone.Waiting.. morning, no one around except bike garrage mechanic.I was cleaning droplets of dew on my glass and just peeped at garrage side.Someone coming from that direction in shady background stopped at garrage,they are talking .Suddenly he turned at me.Crush ! In my college when no boys around girls talking about boys,he is cute,he is smart,he texted me.. but i don't have interested in that but i join them to spare time. sometimesi had crush on someone in bus station, sports day but i don't take it as seriously.Now scrub beard, smiling face,inshirt, wrist watch and finally eye contact,Fall ! he walked towards me my heart is beating because i never encountered my crushes at this close they are far away from me, he stood corner of bus station ,i unknowingly peeping at him without noticable to him.

    Watch time exceeds Class time. One auto came , suddenly we both aproched him and make the deal,Auto starts we both traveling together to college,he is also coming to our college,i am sweating , suddenly his phone rings,he take the call and started speaking to his mom,so nicely.i am looking outside towards waytrees but ears towards him.we down from auto and after paying we both started runnig ,he asked direction for his class ,i am very happy inside because he is in my class. We both run and finally got the class ohoo.After that I spent whole day with smiling without unknown reason

    mention→ Just a Imaginary story