• jeet_pavani 11w


    Lost in the midst of uncertainty, conflict & mess,
    The optimism, faith & sassiness left is very less.
    Musters the courage & augments its scope,
    The mind rejoices in bliss with ecstatic Hope.

    Welcomed all the irregularities by opening gates,
    Deals confidently with resilience and motivates.
    Mental strength & range of opportunity it creates,
    The dubious fear of dismay and angst it eliminates.

    Doesn't let the negative energy soak in you,
    With an iota of solicitude in whatever we do.
    Nurture & cultivate the amazing four letter word,
    Will set you free to fly higher like a bird.

    Life is an abrupt & erratic phase with twists & turns,
    Tasting the exotic flavours, every individual learns.
    Hope dares to sparkle a new spirit as its tradition,
    Victory doesn't come without a fight as elevation requires separation.