• smartsam 10w

    Thanks God Jehovah!

    Everytime I look at sea
    Oh God almighty I thanks thee!
    When I feel breeze
    what a beautiful gift free!

    As I listen music
    rock, pop or classic!
    Your gift of melodies oh God
    is absolutely fantastic!

    Tree is wonderful
    life on earth.
    I rest under it
    it makes no charge!

    Birds oh my god
    you gave wings
    They fly in heavens
    sky for them everything!

    Lion, tigers, leapords
    Meek deer sheep & shepherds.
    Hundreds of spices
    chilly hot, pepper, bay leaf
    or tiny those mustard!

    All these great things
    you gifted but to man.
    If any less you added
    cute pretty women!

    Oceans, river, lakes
    absolutely great you made!
    Thanks for your love
    Oh my Great God JEHOVAH
    eternally can't be paid!


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