• maryclaire 5w

    If you fail don’t lose hope. Don’t stop dreaming, stand take a deep breath and exhale release all the negativity.
    Spread your wings and soar high


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    No more my love, no more these feelings,
    Nor my passion to let you stay forever.
    Let fortune lay on me the happiness,
    Let everyone talk with words against me cry.
    Let the rain fall on my face, break in my tears,
    Let no one trace but of lost of everything.
    Letting you all with scorn recount my failure,
    But not the will from getting up my wings to fly.
    I have not envy the lost and failure,
    I aspire to move on and face it all
    Nor aught and believe though some above me frown,
    Nor hope nor wish the time will come.
    Let all the people with the sweetest smile,
    Encourages me the will to soar high and fly.