• akashsinghsingraur 6w

    I just love u-✌️

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    One day I'll turn around hoping that things will change
    I'll climb up the ladder and fall back again down
    I'll try to run over water through the tunnels and fire stroms.
    But may be I should leave it cause I'm far better alone
    Visions I have are the ones keeping me alive all day and night I want to try to fly into sky
    But may be I should hold on cause life is only this way
    I should priorities things or at the end i will just lay.

    Why do I feel like laying my heart that broke into two
    Everyone is running whilst I'm still stuck in this room
    The sun goes up and moon falls down but I still watch them so close
    They take me down and tie my hands and put me on the floor
    I feel electricity running through my veins but again I'll only just lay this way.