• magikarp 5w


    The void stares at me and smiles with its translucent grin, daring me to fight back, resist it's endearing embrace. It knows I have lost this time. It knows I have no fight left in me. I am broken. Not just damaged; broken. Physically, emotionally, mentally, truthfully there is nothing left of me. I've been hollow for some time now, riding around in this robotic shell, a consciousness coalesced with nothingness; and the void is here to take what belongs to it. And I cannot find the will to say no. Because I do not want to. I never wanted to. But I now no longer have a reason to. At least, not one I can recall. So I'm falling into the loving arms of oblivion, so maybe I can begin again. And when you finally reach the end, that's when you'll see me again.
    A better me.